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Kate Farley

design - bespoke

I have developed a highly creative career spanning art and design in collaboration with manufacturers specialising in print for interior and exterior surface products. Projects big and small, including public art projects such as public toilets featuring site-specific artwork on laminate, large-scale roofscape designs on a city hospital fabricated in gravel, commercial projects such as hoardings and wallcoverings as well as products, including bespoke patterns for David Mellor Design have been successfully completed over the last fifteen years.

The challenge I particularly enjoy is to create artwork to communicate brand identity for organisations, where the artwork communicates unique narrative and heritage within the pattern through drawing, printmaking, photography and digital design processes.

Each project concept is developed with the client in order to understand the creative brief as well as planning requirements, timescales and budgets. I carry out consultation and artwork preparation, as well as production monitoring, installation planning, and press & marketing as required.

I am always happy to consider the next design challenge.

"Kate Farley has a unique talent for not only capturing the forms and essence of a subject but also in using it to create visually exciting patterns. We were pleased the opportunity arose to work with her again and create a second pattern for our company. After the success of Kate's 'Chelsea' pattern, which was based on my first solo cutlery design, it seemed only fitting Kate should use 'Pride', my father's first cutlery design and also his most admired. We are thrilled with the result – a celebration of a British design classic." Corin Mellor, Creative Director, David Mellor Design